Sponsorship FAQ

How much will I pay?

How long am I committing for?

How do I pay?

Will I get a tax receipt?

How do I choose a sponsor child?

Can I send a letter to my sponsor child?

Can I send a gift to my sponsor child?

How much of the money goes to the children?

How Much Will I Pay?

It costs MCCH approximately 50 CAD/month to provide food, housing, education and other basic necessities for a child in primary school and approximately 100 CAD/month to provide the same for a student in high school.

However, every little bit helps, so even if you don't feel that you would be able to cover our whole monthly costs, do not hestitate to offer what you can!

How Long am I Committing For?

Ideally your sponsorship will continue until the student has completed high school. Further sponsorship to help them attend college or receive technical training would also be wonderful. However, we do acknowledge that financial situations may change and we are flexible to accommodate whatever works for you.

How do I Pay?

You can send post-dated cheques to our treasurer, use pre-authorized debit or use a credit card. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Will I get a Tax Receipt?

Yes, Mercy and Caring Children's Home is a registered Canadian charity and issues income tax receipts each January.

How do I Choose a Sponsor Child?

There are several students at MCCH who are still in need of a sponsor. After taking a look at our photos and writeups of these children, contact our sponsor coordinator Nancy Cahill and inform her of your choice. She will be able to direct you in how to set up payments.

Can I Send a Letter to my Sponsor Child?

Of course! We encourage you to stay in contact with your sponsor child and to build a relationship with them. We try to organize responses from the children approximately every six months.

Can I Send a Gift to my Sponsor Child?

Yes, you may send something small that fits with your letter such as stickers, postcards, photos, newspaper clippings or bookmarks.

As far as birthday gifts, many of the children do not know when their actual birth date is. We try to host a big group birthday party for all the students once a year. We also put together a similar celebration at Christmas. Each year we ask the sponsors to donate an extra twenty dollars to cover the cost of these special events.

How Much of the Money Goes to the Children?

Approximately 95% of all donations go directly to supporting your child. This includes food, clothing, shelter, education and paying the Kenyan staff at MCCH. The remaining 5% is used to cover administrative costs in Canada. MCCH's Canadian board of directors is completely volunteer and any travel to Kenya is covered by the individual.

Our books are open, so if you would like more details on where your money will end up please contact our treasurer James Kamau.