College Fund

At MCCH our focus has always been to protect and provide for vulnerable children. In order to stay true to this vision, each year we try to take in five new students from rescue centres or from needy families in the surrounding community.

When our first five students graduated high school back in 2007 we had sufficient funding to send them all to college. However, as more and more students complete secondary we are finding that the budget cannot accommodate giving them all this opportunity.

Kenya has a very high unemployment rate. Our dream is that one day we will be able to see all of MCCH's students through college or some other form of post secondary training in order to increase their chances of finding work.

By contributing to the college fund either through monthly payments or by a one time donation, you will be helping us ensure that at least the most deserving of the students are able to attend post secondary. From all of us here at MCCH, asante sana (thank you very much!)