Canadian Board

Edwin and Nancy Cahill

Edwin and Nancy Cahill: Edwin and Nancy are the founders and Directors of MCCH. The couple first spent time in Kitale, Kenya back in 2000 during a missionary practicum. After seeing the great need in the area, they started the project a year later. They continue to visit at least once a year and stay in close communication with Kenyan management from their home in Abbotsford, BC.

James Kamau: Originally from Kenya himself, James has brought valuable insight and knowledge to the Canadian board since he joined in 2015. He and his wife, Ann, live in Abbotsford, BC where he runs an accounting business. James now serves as treasurer for MCCH.

James Kamau

Trevor and Candice Engh

Trevor and Candice Engh: Trevor and Candice live and work in Victoria, BC. Candice joined the board in 2013 after her second trip to Kenya and now serves as secretary. Trevor joined in 2015, shortly before the two got married. They visited MCCH together in early 2017.

Calvin Ruck: Calvin was introduced to MCCH by his brother, Dane, who has visited the home in Kenya several times. He lives in Surrey, BC where he works as a truck driver delivering library orders. His joyful and generous spirit have been a blessing to the board since he joined in 2015.

Calvin Ruck

Marja Partanen

Marja Partanen: Marja is a retired nurse with a real heart for missions. She has been a longtime supporter of MCCH and re-joined the board in 2016 after taking a few years off. She lives in Surrey, BC.

Ben Badke: Ben lives and works in Victoria, BC. He has been on several trips with Engineering Ministries International (EMI), including some to East Africa. He has been a sponsor with MCCH since 2013 and was able to visit the home briefly during one of his trips with EMI. He joined the board in 2017.

Ben Badke